Sunday, September 20, 2009

Roll Tide and all that

We just got back from a weekend in B'ham/Tuscaloosa. We drove Friday after work up to Eli's bro and sis-in-law's house to meet up with the rest of the Beavers. We stayed the night and then drove early on Saturday morning to T-town for the game. I decided the night before that if it was wet or raining that I wasn't going to take Elsie to the game. Social endeavors are really more important to me than college football, so I made plans to take Elsie around and introduce her to my teacher friends. This worked out well so that brother could have my ticket.

Elsie was totally cute in her Bama onesie with her cow print BabyLegs and her Bama converse (with lime green laces). Really, she was a Bama baby with a little bit of Rock N Roll. So cute.

This photo was taken of us by KF while we were visiting around after the game.

I took the other Mrs. Beaver (not my mother-in-law) with me as we went around visiting and she got to (re)meet my crazy friends. We went to homes and to sports bars. I had a good time. Elsie did, too. After the game we met up with the Beavers for a picnic in the pouring rain and then to El Rincon II for drinks with my old running buddy/Eli's law school friend (where I got to perform my first emergency booger-ectomoy on Elsie). A few more stops and we were back in B'ham, ready for bed. All-in-all, Elsie was in and out of the car seat NINE TIMES!

We got up this morning, went with the Beaver sibs to Hardee's for breakfast, and then came home in time to get to church for the congregational meeting where Eli was voted in as a deacon for the class of 2012. And we've been chilling this afternoon. I have lesson plans and papers to grade, sub plans to prepare for Wednesday when I take Elsie for her 4-month checkup, and other school-related activities before morning.

It's going to be a long night. :)


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Anonymous said...

i love your updates. i know your busy, but please keep them coming! i can't believe i missed you guys again. it just slips my mind. (if you haven't noticed, that happens a lot when you have a baby, they take your brain cells away) next time i'll mark in red marker on my calendar.