Thursday, September 10, 2009

Is it hunting season yet?

Honestly, I'll take hunting season over football season any day. At least as a hunting season widow I get the house to myself. :) I'm ready for football to be over. (I know, I know. It just started.) I don't care about football. Now, I will watch select teams--Baylor, Alabama, Auburn--when they're on, but I still only 15% care about it. In reality, I'm reading a book, occasionally looking up to check the score, even when I'm at the game.

Football has been on the TV a lot at my house. I really never knew that my lovely (and I'm not being sarcastic) husband liked football this much because we only ever had a couple of channels on which to watch it. I found out last season when we first got cable, but somehow managed to forget...until last weekend. If it was on TV, it was on our TV. I honestly have not turned the TV on in about 6 weeks. Admittedly, I have checked up on my assets in Cuba, as I do every night (Mafia Wars on FB), and spend a little bit of time Robbing an Electronics Store to find some computer set-ups and untraceable cell phones while trying to take over New York. I have done these things. Yes. But I still feel like the football watching is more out of hand than my looting and icing will ever be. Ah, well.

On a completely different topic, my hair is falling out. I'm a little bit concerned about this because it is worse than it ever was. Handfuls fall out in the shower, handfuls come out when I comb my wet or dry hair, and handfuls are found all over my pillow and sheets. It reminds me of this movie I watched when I was little, called The Peanut Butter Solution. In the movie, the boy loses all his hair. I remember something about his cat falling asleep on his head and he wakes up to find that he is bald. So he tries this magic potion to grow his hair back (the secret ingredient is, you guessed it, peanut butter), but he uses too much and his hair just won't stop growing and growing and growing. I think it was especially remarkable because he was a redhead. Maybe my hair will grow back in red. I'm not bald, but with the hair I'm losing, I feel like I will be one day soon.

On another random topic, I wanted to post yesterday to note the date, 9/9/9, but we had a small group gathering at the pastor's house instead of Wednesday service, and I pretty much fell asleep when we got home. I was exhausted. Then I didn't sleep well because Elsie didn't sleep well, and I was tempted a couple of times in the night to unfurl a sleeping bag on the floor of her room so that I didn't have to go back and forth. So, I was then cranky today. When working with 13-year-olds, that's not the best plan. I have a student with what is probably Aspbergers who drives me INSANE but I have been very patient. Today, not so patient. In fact, she was infuriating. I don't think I was mean, as I was able to practice some restraint in my crankiness (it wasn't her fault Elsie had a bad night), but I'm pretty sure that she got the gist because she stopped getting up out of her seat and coming to ask me things because she knew that my answer was inevitably NO, before I even heard the question. It's going to be a long year with this particular student. If anyone remembers that first year I worked in Austin with a coworker who had Aspbergers, this is going to be a lot like that. Pray for me.

Okay, I think I just heard the growl of the engine outside. Eli is home from his Coast Guard Auxiliary meeting. Elsie is alseep next to me here on the bed. Time to spend quality time with my family.



Craig-Jen said...

I heard you lose your hair postpartum...not looking forward to that!

Jen Barnes said...

Not everyone loses their hair... some of us are more prone to it than others. Mine was awful though. From about 12 weeks postpartum until now... still... but it's growing back already and I have "baby hairs" like crazy now. If your hair is long you'll notice it more.

Misty said...

Yeah, I'm still losing my hair, LOTS of it, and Micah's 10.5 months!!

Angela said...

I'm losing my hair, too. It's everywhere! So embarrassing when I tutor--always brushing long strands off my pants and shirts even though I try to get all the loose strands before I leave the house. Also, my hair seems more brittle and dry. So annoying!
We have a football situation at our house every fall, too. It started with me getting Jim into Auburn football when we were dating and grew from there!
Glad to hear that Elsie is doing so well. She is really on the move! Jackson's doing a lot of the same things, but mostly just wants to play with his feet. :)

Jen Barnes said...

Just found the best explanation for the hair loss postpartum that I've ever read. Thought I'd share.

Beaver said...

Thanks, JB, for that article link. I laughed heartily. I think my ovaries are still pouting.