Saturday, April 5, 2014

Little Craftspeople

I'm excited that E & O are at the age where they can do activities that require some fine motor skills.  This morning, we braved Hardee's for biscuits (along with all the gray-haired people in Opelika) and then headed over to the Home Depot for our first Saturday morning Kids' Workshop.

A couple of weeks ago, the Home Depot people came to Elsie's preschool class and they created bug catchers--I just remember the look in her eye when she talked about how she had to hammer the pieces together--it was sheer joy.  She got a little badge for her project, but we didn't have any place to put it.  Then, this week, we got an invitation to a little friend's birthday party--at the Home Depot.  It's the second weekend in May, and the kids will be completing a project.  Granted, 3.0 should be here by then (fingers crossed) so Eli will probably have to take the kids.  And if we're in labor at the hospital that day, then, well, we'll have to find someone who will take them.

But, back to today:

It was crowded, and I'm awkwardly shaped, so that made sitting on buckets and bending over two-by-twelves-cum-workbenches very uncomfortable, but it was a great experience.

The painting was a success, but then we had very wet projects, so we  brought them home and finished them once they dried.  Of course the one shot where they both were semi-normal looking, my cell phone camera wouldn't pick up the light.

Who am I kidding?  This is more like normal:

I mean, look at these precious faces.  Am I blessed or what?

Cheers.  :)

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