Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April 2014 Debt Update

Wowza, what a month!

March was very busy.  Eli was gone with the Army (which means more $$ to pay on debt) a bit, and there were some other financial decisions that helped us to make some headway with our debt.  So much so that we're almost done with our FOURTH DEBT THERMOMETER!!
Fourth 10K Chunk, started 9/24/13
  fundraising ideas
Fundraising Thermometer

So, this month, we were able to pay $3162.52 on our debt.  Yes, that's right.  Over $3,000.  A huge chunk of that was an insurance policy that we cashed in after reviewing our coverage.  And then the rest of it was the aforementioned $$ from the Army.  We probably won't have another cash windfall like this before we pay off all the debt, but it sure does feel good to get some momentum early in the year!  If we keep the focus, we are on track to be debt-free before 2015!

It has been fun to talk about what we are going to do when we get out of debt.  It comes up more and more frequently.  Obviously, we are going to be following Dave Ramsey's baby steps (next step is the fully funded emergency fund)--but what kinds of things have we put on hold for the last several years?  That's where our conversations are leaning.  I know this sounds strange, but I'm really excited about funding an IRA.  Just sayin'.

This week also marks the last week of our FPU refresher course.  We were supposed to be done at the beginning of March, but we had two snow days and one spring break day, so we had to spread the calendar out.  It has been good to sit and listen to the messages again.  Some little things I have forgotten, and some I liked better the first time around (things Dave went into more detail in the 2008 FPU course).  All in all, I'm glad that we decided to attend again.


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Craig-Jen said...

CONGRATS!!! You're amazing! You both are!