Friday, April 18, 2014

Debt Snowball Visual -- 2014

Okay, because I have better things that I should be doing (you know, like getting together sub plans for my impending maternity leave), I have instead been going back and reading all my debt updates since we started with the debt thermometers in October of 2011.  One of my posts from June 2012 has a picture of the debt snowball tool from (free 7-day trial).  Looking at that picture, it got me to thinking that I should post an updated picture, particularly since we paid Eli's loans off last fall.  So, here it is (click to enlarge):

The orange line that dropped off the map was the first of Eli's loans that we paid off (law school).  The blue line is the one that we are paying on now (undergrad), and when we pay it off, we will be debt-free, except for the house.  If you look at that blue line, you notice some dips and drops that ultimately alter the payoff date--these are times when we paid more than the minimum snowball payment (orange's minimum payment + blue's minimum payment).  Told you March 2014 was a good month, haha.

Also, in going back and reading, I saw my goal about being debt-free by 35 or by the time Elsie starts kindergarten.  Well, I turn 35 in June, so that's not going to happen unless we experience a giant windfall...and we did Kindergarten registration last week, so Elsie will start Kindergarten in August.  That one will be close.  I just looked at loan totals today, and we have around $13,200 left.  I absolutely plan to have this paid off before the year is over (maybe even cancel the commercial Christmas traditions?), so perhaps I should amend that original goal to say "when Elsie is in Kindergarten", because she will be (time flies).

When we're done with all these debt shenanigans, I will definitely post a picture of our completed snowball.  :)


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