Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Four fast years

She's four.  I'm certain now that I'm joining the ranks of parents everywhere in my disbelief of how fast time flies.  Here's a picture history of our girl.

On May 7, 2009, Elsie made her debut.  She was adored by all.

Our new little family on Elsie's birthday

At a year old, we made a transition to a new house, and Elsie was about to be a big sister!  She had no idea what she was in for.

Housewarming and 1st birthday party--Wizard of Oz

At two, she started her year with a full-on tantrum, upstairs in her crib screaming while all the party guests arrived.  That was the precedent for the whole year.

Family of four on Elsie's 2nd birthday--Cowgirl

At three, we began to see sparks of reason, but this little one started to develop passion and perseverance in everything she did, particularly when it came to being upset about, well..anything.

Elsie's 3rd birthday--Charlie Brown

And, at four, she's come to the other side of reason.  Every now and again she'll have a really good tantrum, but she mostly is able to be reasoned with.  She can stop, back up, and try again.  Usually asking nicely.  On the second try.  She's smart and imaginative, and she still has that perseverance that will hopefully turn into a work ethic.  We're still working on that.  She's fiercely independent and extremely friendly--she doesn't know a stranger, and wants to know everyone's names--shoppers at the grocery store, children at the park, people walking in the neighborhood, people sitting at the next table in the restaurant--and she's not afraid to ask.  She loves to change her clothes and would do it a million times if it were humanly possible, and she loves all things girly.  She's also very imaginative.  She loves stories--she loves to tell them and loves to hear them.  She eats everything and is always hungry.  She's growing like a weed.  At the beginning of the year she had to jump to flip the light switch, now she just stands on her tiptoes.  She and Oscar do much more laughing together than fighting, and they race to buckle themselves into their car seats.  Elsie loves to  be outside, and she'll tell you that she loves to play in the rain.

Elsie's 4th birthday--Strawberry Shortcake

Party at Miss Kay's house

Strawberry Girl

She's our girl.  Pride and joy.  Happy 4th birthday, Elsie. 


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