Monday, May 27, 2013

Potty Training the O-Man, Day 3

Well, it was day three of the 3-day method.  Improvement was seen all around.

Oscar woke up this morning and everything was damp and smelled faintly (to me, since I don't really have a keep sense of smell), so I'm assuming that he peed the bed and kept sleeping...again.  I wonder if this will become a problem?

Overall, the day went well.  He put on fresh (Elmo) underwear at 6:45 a.m. and had those bad boys on until he was playing in the sprinkler and had to change them early evening.  One funny during the day is that Elsie was on the potty when Oscar had to go, and he stripped off his underwear to wait in line.  Evidently he couldn't hold it.  Elsie, sitting up on the toilet, swinging her legs like she had all the time in the world, yelled to me, "MOOOMMMYYY!  OSCAR JUST POOPED ON THE FLOOR!"  And so he did.  Because there was a line, and he had to go.  Oh, the turmoil of being the second or later potty-using child in your family.  Seriously, I can remember a specific time when I was little and we lived in the house on Zur Weide (Zwei) in Dansenberg, West Germany--so first, second, or third grade--where I really had to go, but one of my sisters was on the potty and I ended up peeing my pants while waiting in line in the bathroom.  But, I digress.

Sometime in the evening, Oscar told me he had to use the potty, and it turns out that his underpants were wet.

So, if we count underwear for today:
1.  Elmo -- in use until after sprinkler
2.  Mickey #1 -- put on after bath, in use until early evening
3.  Mickey #2 -- still on him as he sleeps.

One accident.  Three pairs of underwear, but only two out of necessity.

I call that success.  Don't you?

I'm a little bit nervous about taking him to daycare tomorrow.  I know he'll do fine, but still--I'm nervous. There won't be chocolate.  I'll have to take several changes of clothes.  Elsie didn't have any accidents on day three, so maybe that's why I'm not as confident.

Also, just for anyone else who is wondering about potty-training boys, we've decided to start Oscar with sitting to pee until he can recognize what the difference between his urge to pee or poo is.  Then we'll work on the standing up.  He's so short, and to precariously perch on the edge of the potty is petrifying to this proud parent.  :)


(I mean seriously.  I crack myself up.  A post about potty-training the ends with a [pee] alliteration?!?)

Go here for follow-up post.

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Lauren said...

Great job! I used to go in around 11 or midnight and put Audrey on the potty and make her go and then back to bed. I also turned up the monitor REALLY loud so that I could hear as soon as she started to awake from night or nap. That helped me get her to the potty before she had an accident. All good things, though. We also used the 3-day method. Worked wonders. I've been dreading potty training Jameson ever since I found out he was a boy. Glad to see it was mostly the same as E. :-)