Saturday, January 15, 2011

E-Mealz, Revisited

We've been using E-Mealz for six months now, and I wanted to come back and give you an update as to how it has been going.

For us, this has been a great investment. Why? First, I really dislike grocery shopping, so it's nice to have a concrete list of things to buy, aisle by aisle, so that we can get in and get out quickly. Secondly, we're actually eating. Regularly. Real food prepared in my kitchen. That's a vast improvement over the past seven years. Haha. Plus, I'm still making things that are very easy to make, but I never would have thought of!

We have a subscription to the Walmart plan for two, and it really has been enough to feed us plus a toddler. Leftovers, when stored in individual containers get eaten as lunch the next day, or dinner for the toddler the next night. We really have saved money doing it like this. I'm amazed.

We've also learned to tweak some of the meals to suit us. For instance, we don't eat bread with our meals enough to warrant making a side of cornbread or buying fresh rolls. Now, it's a different story when it comes to frozen Sister Schubert rolls (YUM!), which we can keep frozen and bake as necessary. We also buy a bag of frozen chicken breasts instead of paying more for fresh. It costs a little more but lasts longer so is better for the budget. And, of course, Eli has this really expensive hobby called hunting. But, the expense is worth it if he kills a deer and we have a freezer stocked with ground meat and various steaks and sausages to work with for a whole year. Rarely do we buy anything but chicken. And rarely do we buy fish, since my coastal-native husband has a rule of thumb about eating seafood away from a sea [that is, he doesn't]. Plus, he'd much rather catch his own fish, but that's neither here nor there.

What has also helped is that our neighbors frequently invite us over for dinner, so that's one less meal we eat a week. Have I mentioned that I love our neighbors? She's a really good cook! Haha.

We just renewed our subscription to E-Mealz for another three months, and I plan to use it even when Eli is gone to training so that I will eat, and will have leftovers for lunch.

So, if you're interested in looking up any information, click the button below (there are referral perks for me!). And if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.



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