Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 Months and 1 Day of O

I'm really glad now that I didn't get to post about O yesterday. Why? Well, because yesterday I would have written about how he hadn't rolled over back to front yet and how I have just accepted (for the umpteenth time) that he doesn't have to do everything that E did when E did them. (She was rolling by 4 months.)

Tonight, I was doing the dishes and I put O on the carpet in the living room in a swaddle. He wiggled his arms out and then, half-swaddled, just rolled over. He just did it. It was crazy.

But, of course, he wouldn't do it again once I got out the video camera. Darn thing, scaring the children.

So. Five months. I don't remember what I said about him last month, so I'll just tell you that I love this little boy. His laugh, his guffaw. He is soooo adorable. He's a drool monster still, no teeth. He started drooling a full month before Elsie ever did (he started at three months, she started at four), and he goes through several bibs in a day, soaking the fronts of his clothes. He reaches for stuff that he wants, but is still working on his gross motor skills so there's a lot of flailing involved.

Something very different about him is that he still loves to be swaddled. And he hasn't slept through the night for a while. Here's hoping??

I don't know if I've mentioned it here, but Eli will be gone from the beginning of February to the beginning of May. Then he'll be home a week or two, turn around and go back to finish his training for the National Guard. Tonight as I was cleaning up the living room (maintaining, if you will), I had flashbacks to sleep training Elsie. Man, I do NOT want to go through that again by myself, but if I don't do it early enough, O may not end up being a good sleeper like E is. Bah. Suckarooski.

And, on that note, will you let me know if you or someone you know in my neck of the woods is trying to get rid of a twin mattress set? And a dresser? We've waffled about the toddler bed and I think we've just decided to go with the twin bed set-up for Elsie. The intermediary choice just seems pointless.



Jeni said...

I agree. Skip the toddler bed. I bought an awesome blow up bolster for Kate's bed to keep her from rolling out. Works like a rail, but not as ugly or in the way as a bed rail would be. The bolster goes under the fitted sheet. Also, I say sleep train Oscar now. I didn't train Kate until she was 7ish months old, but I trained Carter probably a month or so ago (3.5 to 4 months old). He BARELY fought it and now is such a great sleeper. He used to fight sleep real bad. Now I swaddle him (he still loves to be swaddled too...I swear our children are the same!) and then just lay him down in bed and he goes to sleep on his own. It's great!!!

Misty said...

yes skip to a twin. No need for excess spending. Ok, end of Feb to beginning of MAY?? That's 2.5 months. I thought it was like 2 weeks. What's going on?

Beaver said...

Ha. Try 3.5 months. Then he'll be home for four days and gone for an additional six weeks. Army JAG training and indoctrination courses, etc., etc.

I won't have him home with me again until mid-June. And then he leaves for three more weeks at the beginning of August as school starts.

Bah. I have sooooo much more empathy and respect for my mother who survived 20 years as a military wife (and I already had a GREAT deal of respect for her...).