Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Island Life

Greetings from GA. We left after our new assistant pastor's ordination service on Sunday and drove through the Dublin, GA...and finished the trek in the morning.

What is a vacation?

When we got here, Elsie went with her grandparents and hung out on the beach. Eli and I stayed in the rental house and napped/read books. I was feeling very lethargic--perfect for vacation, I suspect. Elsie evidently enjoyed her time on the beach and got a bath in the clawfoot tub when she got back.

Yesterday we actually went into the city and spent all day walking around. We ate lunch at Mama Wilkes' Boarding House. And then for dinner we rolled on down to The Lady and Sons. All good. Elsie was pretty good all day--some fussing here and there. She was very entertaining at supper as she ate her own Paula Deen meal and then almost keeled over comatose. She made lots of friends.

I think Elsie's afraid of the dark. Two nights in a row she has awakened the whole house at an early hour with blood-curdling screaming. I think the first night I surprised her by sitting up to arrange my pillows and my silhouette freaked her out. Last night I was careful not to sit up and accidently thwacked my rings on the cabinet beside the bed. The loud noise startled her again, and again with the screaming. Also, the last two nights (since we've been here) she won't go to sleep unless we leave a light on in the bedroom. This hasn't really happened before.

Anyway, Eli and I went out for a long walk on the beach this morning, while Elsie went for a walk down the island with her grandma. It was nice. Loving this vacation thing.



Craig-Jen said...

YAY! Are you back to the internet world?

Uhm, are you close to me? Dublin isn't all that close and neither is Savannah, but guys know you're welcome here!

Lori said...

I hope you enjoyed Savannah! I love the bathtub picture of sweet Elsie. I can't wait to hear more about it. We will miss seeing you four this Sunday but hope to catch up soon!