Saturday, May 22, 2010

Glad it's not just me!

12 days after my last post...

I finally have time away from everyone/everything and am sitting at the public library catching up on people's blogs. I haven't logged in to FB yet, as I will save that for when I have more time. But, as the title of this post goes, I'm glad it's not just me who has been deficient in posting lately!

So, here's the update:

SCHOOL IS OVER! I HAVE A JOB FOR NEXT YEAR! I'M GOING TO BE WITH THE SAME TEAM OF TEACHERS! Students went home for the summer on Thursday, and teachers on Friday. Thursday afternoon (making me sweat, of course) the principal came around to tell me that I would be in the same room with the same team and that I needed to come by his office to sign my contract. Whew! I've been praying, and since the fiasco in Tuscaloosa, I trust nothing (well, you know, except God) when it comes to job assumptions. So, it's a relief to know that I have a mortgage I can pay for for another year at least.

WE'RE GOING ON VACATION! Seriously, I have never been on a beach vacation (Jamaica doesn't count since it's technically a "Carribean Vacation" that has a beach) and I am so totally pumped. And I might just mention that I'm excited to have other hands around--the rest of the Beaver family--to help out with Elsie while I READ!!!! I haven't read a book in a while (my ulterior motive for coming to the library--get some beach reads). Rest assured, we are going to the Atlantic Ocean beach, which I haven't seen since summer 2008, when I glimpsed it from afar in Atlantic City, and before that in 1993, when we went to visit my aunt and uncle and almost-3-year-old cousin in Kingsland, GA. Long time ago, for sure.

I FAILED AGAIN! Had my whatever-week appointment (I'm just not keeping up as well with 2.0!) last week and bombed the glucose tolerance test this time around, too. I was going to wait to take the 3-hour test until after I had some Paula Deen cookin', but the logistics got me. I had to go yesterday intermittently as I finished out my last day of school. Thankfully we had a luncheon right after, so my fast was broken in grand style. I'll probably get the results next week, and I'm praying that I'll get them after I have the aforementioned victuals.

ELSIE LOVES CHOCOLATE! If you've been on FB (which, again, I haven't been in almost...5 weeks??? Geez. I think that's longer than the Lenten season), I'm pretty sure Eli posted some pictures that his dad took of Elsie enjoying her birthday cake, mostly the icing. It was too cute. Next week, in my leisure time, I'll post some more pictures that I took. Her party was a success. Her blue gingham dress was a hit. Her red shoes were to die for. My little Dorothy. (Wizard of Oz themed party.)

And that's the news that I can think of before my allotted time on the library computer runs out. Thanks for keeping up with me, even though I've been AWOL from the cybersphere.


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Jen Barnes said...

WOW! You're out early! I'm envious. David won't be done for another MONTH and he goes back the last Friday of July. I bet the kids (students) are so happy to be done with school!

Welcome back to blogging, oh and facebook, too. :-)