Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bananas, Plums, and Grapes...oh, my!

This morning as we got up and were getting ready for church, I took Elsie and fed her the second container of bananas, plum, and grapes, a Gerber concoction. She had had it before and liked it well enough. And then I got ready and re-packed the diaper bag, something I tend to do on Sundays before church, mean to last the whole week.

We get in the car. We're driving. Elsie coughs and sneezes. Eli turns back and says, "Ew, I think there was a little more to that sneeze." I turn back. There's a splatter of pink/purple/brown concoction on her white bib. I wipe it off with a paper towel that's in my hand. We keep driving. Elsie coughs.

At the light by the mall (one light from our house, about 3/4 mile), Eli turns around and goes, "Eeeeeew!" I turn around. No splatter. Full purple/pink/brown concoction coverage. Ick. Elsie doesn't mind. I do. When the light turns green we cross the intersection and pull into the Panera parking lot to investigate.

This is bad. Really bad.

Elsie has puked up her breakfast. All of it. And it's all over her clothes and carseat. So....we strip her down right there in the parking lot and she's now unhappy about being mostly naked in public. We wipe down her hands and arms (ew) and put her in a clean onesie. We clean up the carseat, but it's wet and gross, so we make the decision to go home and switch cars. To do this, Elsie had to ride in my lap. I was a wreck, and was sure that we were going to be pulled over by the police. But, we made it home, and Elsie rather enjoyed facing forward.

We found some pants to go with the onesie, we started a load of puke laundry--carseat cover, blanket, clothes, socks, etc.--we found some more clothes to put in the diaper bag, and we left again. Over an hour after our first departure. I was ready for a nap.

Anyway, that was our technicolor adventure today.

On another note, I hate Charter. I'm ready for some competition to come to this area. Turns out that we had inadvertently been getting the expanded basic cable package for the last year and a half. Two days ago they corrected it. Not a problem, really, because it was their mistake. But, honestly, could they have not waited until the Olympics were over to do their audit? I've missed more than a couple curling matches and I'm none too happy about it.

What really makes me mad is that I've been telling people what a really good deal we've gotten at Charter, not realizing that the deal is not available to them since Charter messed us up. So I have been promoting a falsehood. Grrr.

And, our cable "promotional" price ends next month, so I think we're dropping it altogether, because, honestly, of the channels that come with the basic package, the only ones we watch are network channels, so why pay for that when you can get them for free? That, my friends, is why I had never had cable in my life until September 2008. The only problem is that we don't have a digital converter box. We'll see what happens.



Valerie {Next to Heaven} said...

Hhahaha! Hopefully Elsie is feeling better!

Craig-Jen said...

That just sounds gross! Guess it's in my future :-)