Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm Famous.

At least by Opelika, Alabama standards. I went to drop Elsie off at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, and Judy told me that she clipped the picture in the paper for me so that I could send it to my mom. I was confused. So, I probed a little and found out that the Opelika newspaper published a group picture of the new teachers in the school system, and it came out that morning's paper. Then, I pulled up to school at 7:15 and the teacher getting out of the car next to me told me she saw my picture, too. I hadn't even seen the paper! (Judy didn't have it with her outside, and I had to go.)

Wednesday night we went to our church dinner and every little old lady came up to me to tell me that they saw me in the paper. And then they just stood there like I should respond, but I wasn't sure how, so all I could muster was a sweet Southern, "Did you? How funny."

And then TODAY, it seemed like every little old lady came up to me with the picture clipped from the various newspapers it was published in this week (3!) so that I could send it to my mom.

Mom. I love you. I'm 3o years old. I'm not sending you the picture, now matter how much those sweet ladies want me to. But, I may scan it in so you can see it. It's actually not so bad.


Mrs. C said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. I wrote you back on my blog. Go check it out unless you subscribe.

I hope you really REALLY enjoy the class. I know you will.

I'm so happy you're trying it!!

Anonymous said...

little old ladies are so darn funny.
glad to hear that i know someone famous!
say hi to eli and elsie for us.