Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fan Favorite

Okay, okay. I've had some complaints [Mom] that the pictures of Elsie are slowing down. Now, if you're FB friends with Eli, you've probably seen these, but for those of you who aren't, well, you're in for a treat.

Please remember that the Beaver family is die-hard SEC football, die-hard Alabama fans. Die-hard anti-Tennessee, anti-Auburn, anti-, well every other team in the SEC. With that in mind, please enjoy these photos.

Here's the classic black and white happy Alabama baby:

And the cute, healthy-looking, pint-sized love of my life sportin' her Alabama bib:

But when she finds out that Great Aunt Angie sent this awful Tennessee shirt, well...

So, we took it off and put her in an outfit given to Eli by one of the bailiffs, and this is what we got:
I guess Auburn gear in pink is just as offensive as the blue/orange monstrosities.

Did I mention we live in Auburn? Haha.

Tomorrow I'll upload newest pictures from Sips N Strokes. If you can't wait, I've already uploaded them to FB.



Valerie said...

SOOOOO Cute! She looks so much like you!

David said...

Yes, I foun them on Eli's site and printed some out. Looking for more of the ones where she is dressed in those cute baby girlie clothes that she'll look back on someday and say "ahh", I wasn't just Bama memorabila after all! But we GP's think she is the cutest, sweetest thing in whatever she is wearing in whatever picture we get of her to watch her grow from so very far away...:(

Cheryl said...

And you know what? That wasn't really David who posted that! OOOPS! Someone named David was signed in here and I just pushed the button!