Wednesday, August 12, 2009


It's been a week since I last blogged, and that, my friends, is the longest hiatus I have taken since before last November when I committed to blogging every day for a month. A lot has been going on.

Mostly meetings last week, a whirlwind trip to Mobile/Gulfport over the weekend, and school starting this week. And, as if I wasn't already challenged by being the new teacher, my classroom doesn't have A/C. The A/C repair guys are a lot like the cable repair guys...lots of approximations but no definite information.

I'm exhausted. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Did I mention that already? I'm ready to get into a routine--if only it didn't have to start at 5:30 in the morning.

The little one is doing fine. She's none the wiser about me being gone, that I can tell. I just have a hard time when the kids ask if I have any children. Yes. And I'm not with her. But, let's move on the concrete and abstract nouns to get my mind off of the subject. It will get better.

On a funny note, she's started drooling. A lot. In the evening she soaks one outfit just from ambient drool. I sure hope that this isn't a sign of teething! She's only three months old. (A day I didn't have time to blog...8/7/9). My baby! She's getting so big.

Okay, on to lesson plans. (You'll hear that refrain a lot this year!)


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Angela said...

Jackson is drooling a lot, too! Maybe it's a 3 month thing?! :)