Sunday, September 7, 2014

Baby Baptism & Firefighter Birthday

Since Eli was out of town close to O-man's birthday, we decided to have a party the first weekend of September, and also to have Gladys baptized then, too.

The whole Beaver clan showed up and my mom flew in from Texas for the festivities.  Gladys was baptized into the body of Christ during the early service.

The big kids were antsy.  Notice that they changed places between the first two pictures?  Oscar had his finger up his nose after I specifically told him not to do that (Pastor Scott was trying hard not to laugh).  Gladys sneezed and had snot bubbles coming out of her nose.  And Elsie kept standing in front of Eli with her arms reaching up, hoping he would pick her up--even though we had told her that she needed to stand the whole time (five minutes, tops--really?).  Mostly I just wanted to strangle my older children.  But, it was a perfect picture of who we are.  We are not perfect.  (Don't look so shocked!)

After lunch and naps, we had a fourth birthday party for O.  There's a firefighter who goes to our church who told me the best way to do a firefighter birthday, and he was, of course, exactly right.  We met and had cupcakes at the public park across from Fire Station #1 in Auburn, and then crossed the street for a tour.

One added surprise is that the firefighter who was doing the demonstrations was a rookie on his first day of work, and it was someone we knew!!  When we first moved here, I did a long-term maternity sub job in a 7th grade classroom at OMS, and this kid was in that class (I'm feeling really old, now).  Then, E & O went to his mother for daycare for three years.  His mom keeps Gladys now.  We love this family!!

 As a part of the invitation, we invited families to bring treats and snacks for the firemen, which they greatly appreciated.  And I'll tell you, those firemen seemed to really enjoy hosting birthday parties, haha.

And, I must also mention the cupcakes.  I dreamed about these cupcakes for about two weeks before they became reality.  Chocolate with marshmallow cream filling.  Tri-color "flame" buttercream swirl.  They. were. delicious.  Oh, yes!

 See Gladys in the background?  She was there.  :)

Proof that Mimi came from Texas, too.  Another shot of Gladys.


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