Sunday, June 15, 2014

Family Visits & 35

Eli was out of town at a week of Army training this week.  My mom and sister, Julie, came into town to help with the big kids while G & I tackled cheerleading camp (yay).  The kids were in the throes of swimming lessons this week (week 2 of 2) and we spent a day after swimming lessons at the splash pad.

On the weekend, the "Aunt Squad" came down from OH & PA to reunite with their older sister and their nieces (great and otherwise).  Mimi may have brought squirt guns with her.  Oscar may have attacked his great aunts with them.  :)

Gladys got some good Mimi time.  Look!  Pinkie twinkies!

It was nice to have family around, a house full of women...and Oscar.  Love you guys!

Also, I turned 35 this week.  I feel like I have street cred as an adult--finally!! I came home from cheer camp and they surprised me with cupcakes and flowers and balloons!  I think the last time I had a party for my birthday was when I turned 30, and Elsie was a wee baby.  Despite my husband not being here, it was a good birthday.  We'll celebrate with him next week...for his birthday, too!


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