Saturday, June 14, 2014

6 Weeks of Gladys

Week 6 has been a blessed week.

Mimi and Julie drove in from Texas to visit us and came in last Saturday night.  Eli left the same night for a week with the Army National Guard, so it was a blessing to get a replacement AND an extra set of hands.

Mostly, Mimi and Julie wrangled the big kids for the week, taking them to swim lessons and keeping them busy, while Gladys and I went to cheer camp.  Yep.  That's right.  We went to cheer camp.  It was just down the road at Auburn University, and we didn't stay the night.  I wore Gladys in my Moby wrap for three and a half days.

We met Aubie (the Auburn mascot), and she slept through a LOT of screaming and cheering, etc.  She was so good, and every woman who walked by me at some point made a comment to say as much.  She's still a baby, though.  She cried a little (probably heating/cooling issues with the wrap), but they never heard her because of all the noise--that, and she still has that sweet newborn cry.

I didn't weigh her this week since we were at camp, but she is putting on weight still.  I wouldn't be surprised if she's close to topping 13 pounds this week.

She is still hiccuping a lot.  And spitting up a lot.  But she's still a "happy spitter."  I think we are on the verge of getting legitimate smiles from her (and they are sooooo cute!).  We are still in size 1 diapers, but I don't think we'll be in them much longer.  And the 0-3 months-sized clothing is about to be packed up, as she gets longer and longer, head to toe.  She's about to outgrow the bassinet that we borrowed from friends.

Her skin broke out this week (figures that it would be right after we saw the doctor).  Little red bumps.  Exacerbated by the heat of the wrap, on her face, scalp, ears, neck, and spreading to her chest and shoulders.  If she were my first baby, we would have been up at the Pediatric Clinic already, but there's no fever, no change in temperament.  I took it to the Internet, and I think that it is just baby acne (E & O did not have this).

And because they did not have this, maybe I can hold out hope for brown hair/brown eyes?  My own little brunette child?  Maybe?  :)


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