Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 2013 Debt Update

I feel like I've fallen off the wagon, but at the same time we are making great strides. I'll let you hear it from Eli, something he wrote to me in an e-mail this week after making a chunky payment:

I feel like we're fighting the mini-boss at the midway point in the last dungeon, and every month his health meter goes down just a tiny--but noticeable--bit. Once we kill the mini-boss, we can corral our resources to destroy the Beast Mortgage...

 I guess this makes us like the Super Mario Brothers!
Fourth 10K Chunk, started 9/24/13
  fundraising ideas 
Fundraising Thermometer
Oh, and did I mention that this last little bit of student loans is under $20,000???  Now that's something to get excited about.

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Craig-Jen said...

So proud of you guys! I'm so impressed!