Saturday, November 9, 2013

Children, a long-awaited update

I know, I know. I haven't blogged about the kiddos for a while, and I know that most of you care more about the kids than you do about us getting to the point of being debt-free, so I'm posting this now and will go back and backdate our November debt update so this post stays on top for a while. :)

So, the little Beavers.

Let's start with the oldest:

Elsie is loving preschool. I knew she would. The entire staff at the elementary school loves her and have already told me that they are sad that we are not going to be at this school next year (where we live, we are zoned for a different K-2 school). I drive her to school in the mornings, and when I drop her off in front of the school like a big girl, she walks off and keeps turning around to tell me goodbye, and that she'll see me after school, waving the whole way.  She tolerates the weekends so that she can return to school on Mondays.

She has already been the PE Star for the week, and was the Student of the Month for her class for September--she got to have breakfast with the principal, and she brought home a bag full of goodies. We're glad that she's doing what she should be doing at school, because she certainly is trying our patience at home, behaving like a typical four-year-old (I think?).

But really, I am still constantly amazed at her stubbornness, her determination, and her imagination.  She won't let me touch her hair unless she has a specific hairstyle in mind.  Brushing it is usually out of the question, so she wears it wild.  If it weren't for her clean clothes and sparkly teeth, people at school might suspect that we neglect her, when the reality is that we just neglect her hair--at her insistence.  Occasionally I can talk her into a ponytail or pigtails, but then the hair accoutrements come home in her lunch box, having not made it all day in her hair.

She makes up fantastic games to play and solicits little brother to participate, which he usually does willingly. Her face lights up and her eyes sparkle when she has a great idea (she thinks), and she is eager for someone to be her accomplice.  She loves doing "homework" and wants to color and use markers and crayons and pencils.  She loves to play dress-up and make messes, but is not fond of cleaning any of that up and putting stuff away (it might be genetic, I admit).

Now, this little guy, is a lady killer:

So, he turned three in August, and at some point he just grew up.  He has started saying "please" instead of "mease" (which I think was a contraction for "more please"), and now says his name is "Oscar" instead of "Ah-kur".  Sigh.  I knew it was bound to happen, but I still wasn't ready.  He also has these very polite phrases that he uses.  When he says something and you correct him, he says, "I'm sorry.  I didn't know."  If you are talking and he wants your attention, he'll say, "Excuse me, Mommy."

He's taught himself how to do cartwheels (big sister is jealous) and loves to have us look at him while he's doing something craaaaazzzyy like sticking out his tongue and shaking his head.  He is constantly talking, particularly in the car, and I'll admit that half the time I'm not paying attention when he says, "Right, mama?" and if I don't say, "Right," then he gets frustrated with me.  He does not like to repeat what he says, and if I give him answer he wasn't expecting, there will always be a string of follow-up "Why?" questions.

Also, he's constantly looking out the window in the car, and wants to know why people are running or standing or walking, or why a car turned a certain direction, or why a gate is opened or closed.  It's pretty maddening that he won't take "I don't know" for an answer.  But, he loves to spot fire trucks and school buses and trains, and will get so excited about seeing another one.

He's still at the home daycare he has been at for three years.  When he started, he was one of the only boys. Since Elsie left for preschool, there are ONLY boys there, so they have a good time.  Oscar is the oldest, the leader now, so he gets to fill a role he isn't allowed when sister is around.

Here are some pictures of these hooligans together:

Halloween 2013

At cousin Elizabeth's wedding:

Flower Girl

And our first family picture in a while:

Check out the faces on the kids:

And, finally, in Oxford, AL at Freedom Park last weekend:

Hope this satisfies your need for blondies!


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Lauren said...

Cute Cute Cute... I love seeing their little faces. I'm going through some "typical 4-year old" things as well I think. She behaves at school and for that I'm thankful.