Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weird Weekend

This was indeed a weird weekend. Friday night Eli went hunting and we had a last-minute pint-sized spend-the-night guest. That story is a little too much to go into right now, but let's just say that I learned that Elsie doesn't like to share with people other than Oscar, either. And she's bossy with other kids. And she doesn't understand what personal space is. Ah, my pride and joy.

Saturday evening, I let a Kirby salesperson in my door when she offered to shampoo my carpet for free. She stayed for a couple of hours, demonstrating how everything worked, dusting my ceiling fan, vacuuming the register return for the A/C and using the Kirby to vacuum couch cushions and pillows. It was quite a show--it was fantastic. The kids enjoyed watching all the vacuuming and touching the attachments. I put Oscar to bed before she put down the foam. Elsie loved the bubbles. Every time the girl went to put another attachment on, Elsie would ask her excitedly, "Are you making more bubbles?!?"

To be fair, I actually didn't know that she was selling Kirby brand exactly until her trainer brought in the equipment. Then I knew that I wouldn't be buying anything. They did give me a great quote if I ever have some cash to burn. I talked to the girl while she was there by herself, and she seemed like a very interesting girl. She had only been selling for two weeks. I told her the cautionary tale of my neighbor's brother when he worked for Kirby, and I gave her a monetary tip as well, just so that if/when she gets ripped off, she has at least a little something to show for her tireless work.

As we talked, she told me about wanting to move to Colorado with her husband to build an earthbag home--something about Colorado not having such strict building codes? I had to look this earthbag thing up because I had never heard of it before. Weird. But not as weird as the monolithic dome houses on I-35E north of Waco.

Anyway, time to get back into the mindset of the work week.


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Morgan said...

That's kind of a funny story...