Friday, September 30, 2011

Thirty-nine and counting

The end of September marked my parents' 39th wedding anniversary. Amazing, isn't it?! The negativity of today's press would have us think that this doesn't happen anymore. But I know it does! It's not and never has been a perfect marriage--do those really exist when it's made up of two imperfect humans?--but it is one that, through God's grace, has weathered almost four decades. I am humbled to be a product of such a union.

Eli and I have been married 8.5 years (man, time does fly!) and my parents have been married 5 times as long. That's crazy! On Thursday morning, I announced to my homeroom that it was my parents' anniversary, and told them how long they had been married. "So lucky!" one of my star students said (and it should be noted that his parents are divorced--though I never would have guessed--and in his words, they can't stand each other, but they parent together). Lucky, huh?

I've caught myself recently trying to downplay the purported existence of luck. It's been such a cultural norm to say "Good luck!" to people as they face a trial, or to tell people how lucky they are when something good happens to them. I have recently consciously been saying, "Do your best!" or "Be your best!" and recognizing God's blessings in life.

So, no. My parents 39 years together has not been the result of luck. I bet they'd be the first to tell you that it's been a lot of hard work doing the best they can do through trials and tribulations, and that the years have been bathed in prayer and God's grace.

What a blessing to me, my sisters, and my family. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for your commitment and devotion to each other. And thank you for your faith in a God who bridges the gap for your shortcomings and imperfections--that is what makes a marriage "perfect".

I love you.

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