Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The babysitter asked me today if Elsie talks in her sleep.  Not an odd question since I probably do, and so does Eli from time to time.

But, then she told me about something that Elsie did during naptime today.  They sleep on nap cots, and about an hour after they laid down, Elsie got up from her cot, rolled up her napper (blanket thing) and put it in her drawer, and then went and sat on one of the other children.  The other child woke up screaming, and then Elsie woke up screaming, and then all the children were screaming.

She's a sleepwalker!  The babysitter said she watched this unfold just to see what Elsie would do.    This freaks me out a little bit.  I can't forget to close the gate at the top of stairs before bed ever again. 


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Craig-Jen said...

I can't help but laugh, sorry. But that story is kinda hilarious.

I was a sleep walker. Mom and dad said I'd waltz into another part of the house. They'd ask why I was out of bed and I'd respond with something ridiculous, like, "I'M LOOKING FOR SOMETHING TO EAT!" while I'm tossing dirty clothes in the air over my head. I also moved things in the middle of the night. The best was when I took my mom's glasses and arranged them on three tomatoes (two eyes and a nose) that were ripening on the counter. Took hours to find them and my mom wasn't too happy about it.

And Madeline talks in her sleep. The other night she was happily saying, "See am-muls!"