Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer's End

Where did the summer go?

I guess I had a week off, and then I taught summer school for two weeks. That was immediately followed by a week of the trip to the Great North. And then it was July, and tomorrow it is August. And I'm headed back to work.

Summer regrets:
1. We only went to the Splash Park once. Perhaps that was influenced by the e. coli scare. Perhaps not. I'm just glad we didn't get a membership to the Sportsplex just yet.

2. We didn't get to hang out with the next-door neighbors as much. But as I think about it, we mostly hung out with them after school started last year, while I was on maternity leave, and while it was not as hot outside.

3. We didn't spend as much time outside as I would have liked. But it was hot, shade or no shade. Ugh.

4. I didn't get enough "me" time. That is, I had lots of great plans for getting ahead for the next school year, but was not as successful in finding the time to develop them sans toddlers. Not a huge deal, but still a little disappointing.

But, I do love school. And I LOVE August because school supplies are on super sale. I like to stock up for the year. This year I feel I did a good job keeping it to stuff I actually need. I have several packs of Crayola markers and colored pencils at school, purchased in years previous. Just because they are priced under $1 right now does not make it something I need. Idon'tneeditIdon'tneeditIdon'tneedit. Repeat 1,000,000,000 times and quickly exit Wal-Mart.

Another sadness is that my Monday nights will be changing as the college kids and young professionals from church get back into their grooves that don't include us (and vice versa). We've been hosting dinner for them on Monday nights and I've been so pleased with the turnout. I've made new friends. Old friends have made new friends. I've had a reason to keep my house clean.

Sigh. Another year. Another crop of young minds to mold. Or to give penicillin. Whichever results in them learning.

So long, summer.


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