Thursday, May 12, 2011

9 Months of O

Nine months. Oh, my. My little man is growing up. This month he's starting to try to pull up and to crawl, but isn't fully coordinated yet. It's going to happen any day now. He does love to stand and hang on to the sides of the crib or the rungs on the back of the chair. He got his second tooth two days after the first and I suspect that he's teething now because he keeps putting things in his mouth to suck on, particularly fabric items (burp cloth, towel, pacifier tether). He talks whenever he can get a word in edgewise and says a lot of "da da da," though the other day Elsie said "No!" to something, and Oscar said "Nooooooo." Just the once, though. He also likes the sound made when he's making a sound mouth open and puts his mouth on my shoulder and takes it off and puts it on and takes it off. It's a sound akin to the war whoops of my childhood. He also does this with his fist when my shoulder is not available.

We've finally had some success with solid foods. He's had a gag reflex that is super sensitive and would end up throwing up the contents of his stomach if he started gagging. I tried cereal and oatmeal, and neither one was met with success, so I decided to just start on the foods. Pears and peaches have been met at first with confusion and then with success. Oscar also loves the little cereal puffs that melt in his mouth. Elsie used to pick them up one by one, exercising her pincer grasp. He just gets a handful of puffs and just shoves in the general direction of his mouth hoping that some of them land there. I also suspect that some of our issues so far had something to do with texture issues, hence the gagging.

Oscar's not sleeping very well, and I suspect that is tied to the food thing. I think that once he gets to eating solids better, he'll sleep better. I've pretty much decided that one weekend I'm going to sleep on the couch while he cries it out overnight. Not yet, but before the summer is over. I'm so tired and exhausted all the time, something needs to change.

We go to the doctor for 9-month/2-year checkups on Monday. More to come..


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