Sunday, May 8, 2011

24 Months, or Welcome to the Terrible Twos

My baby turned 2 yesterday. I can't believe it has already been two years! What an adventure we've had in the last two years. Where does the time go? Her big day started with a big tantrum. She didn't want to wear the birthday outfit I made her, she didn't want to do anything except lay on the floor and scream. It was reminiscent of Easter day. So, when her party started, she was up in her room screaming. Yay.

This year we had a joint party with our little friend J, whose birthday is Monday. They're two days apart, and it seemed like (and turned out to be) a good idea to just put their parties together. We have a lot of the same friends and rather than have a ton of two-year-olds sugared up two times over, we decided to do it just once.

The theme was a kind of cowboy/cowgirl, country western, Texas-inspired motif. We decorated with bandanas and gave out cowboy hats as favors. We had fun, lots of sugar, and no real naps later. Here are some pictures from the day:

(Photo credits: Jill Clair)

Eli was home for Elsie's birthday and after cooking us waffles and wishing me and his mother a happy Mother's Day, left this morning for his next phase of military training. The next six weeks are going to be long ones, but we'll be okay. Hope y'all had a good day!


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Jeni said... has been crazy and i'm just catching up, but i find it hilarious that K also threw 2 major tantrums the day of her 2nd birthday. It's like she was preparing us for the wonderful year ahead. :)