Saturday, March 12, 2011

7 Months of O

You might have noticed that I'm trying to catch up with kid updates. There's so much else I want to write about as well, but I know that most of you are here to read about the kids, haha. So, here's Oscar's 7 month update.

It has been eventful, for sure. My sweet little boy who was prodded and poked in the emergency room after he caught his father's virus in November (yes, the one that caused meningitis in daddy), started wheezing and not feeling well this last week. I was sick on Saturday, so I waited until Sunday when I could safely be away from my bathroom to take him to the after hours clinic at our Pediatrician's office. I couldn't find anyone on the spur of the moment to help me with Elsie, so I took them both--heretofore my greatest nightmare. Thankfully, the office was mostly closed, so Elsie just ran around wearing herself out while Oscar tried desperately to sleep. The pediatrician on call diagnosed him with RSV and an ear infection but cleared him for daycare.

Needless to say, he didn't do so well because he was feeling miserable, so I took a half day on Monday and half day on Tuesday in order to spread out my ONE sick day for the month. My dear friend who was a pediatric nurse watched the kids on Tuesday morning so that they wouldn't be with the other kids at daycare. Our pediatrician is her sister-in-law, so I told her that if she felt like the kids needed to be taken back, then take them. She did, and it turned out that Oscar's ear infection had turned into a double ear infection, and that Elsie also had an ear infection (her first). Fun.

So, if I recall, Oscar was upwards of 17 pounds when he went on Sunday. I tried to make a mental note, but lost it completely. He is the sweetest baby. I just love him to pieces. He's started sitting up pretty solidly this month (you know, except when Elsie tries to sit on him or just pushes him over because it's funny to her). He's also talking so much (da da da, ya ya ya) and making raspberries like they're going out of style. The toes have been found. He prefers to be just in his diaper, and the weather is starting to be more conducive to that.

Alas, we are not eating solid food yet (though Eli did shove some mashed potatoes in his mouth at dinner tonight!). Soon. Soon. There's just so much other stuff going on, and he has shown mostly no interest in food. As for sleeping, he's still not sleeping through the night, and I've been trying really hard to leave him in his bed, but I'm just exhausted, so I have, on weekend nights, been moving him to a pillow on Eli's side of the bed. after feeding him, since he's just going to wake up in two hours anyway. I don't remember what it's like to get a whole night's sleep.

And yes, I did say Eli shoved mashed potatoes in his mouth. We are on spring break, and I drove 10.5 hours with the kids today to come up here and see him for a few days. They were rock stars in the car. But I'll write more about that later.


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AsiaMama said...

Erin, my friend, I think you are a great Mama!! Your level-headedness and love for your family continue to amaze me (and inspire me!). I love you to pieces.