Saturday, February 12, 2011

6 Months of O

No way.



My baby is six months old?!? Where did the time go?

This must just be how it is with every child, particularly every child after the first. Everyone is growing up so fast. Remember when I was agonizing about him not being 12 weeks old and he couldn't be in the nursery yet? Man, that was so last year.

My little boy is looking more and more like Elsie's little mini-me these days. There's a picture of her at six months on the mantle, and if you put him up to it and take away all the pink that Elsie is wearing, then you almost wouldn't be able to tell them apart...almost.

I think the most startling transformation has been in me, though. I suddenly like babies. Not all babies, mind you--just mine. But that's a huge step in the right direction. Elsie was my guinea pig, and at the time I just tolerated babies (I loved her, yes, but I didn't really know what to do with her). And now that I have a toddler to compare the baby to, I'm thinkin' babyhood is the way to be, because toddlerhood is a mess. So, Oscar is really benefitting from my experimental motherhood/parenthood with Elsie. They are both totally amazing, though, even with the screaming and crying and poop.

So, today I was giving Oscar a bath, and Elsie came in and saw this. She left the room and came back with a bath toy and small travel-sized bottle of baby shampoo. She thrust them toward me and said, "Her," which is here way of saying "here," because I evidently say "here" when I'm handing her something. (Eli pointed this out to me.) I laughed and took them from her. Where did she get the shampoo? I do not know, but she knew what it was. See? Amazing.

Oscar has his six month doctor's appointment on Monday. We get to see Dr. S T this time. We haven't been able to get an appointment with her since O came into the world (we've seen her around at church at Christmas, etc.) so I'm excited. She's just pretty spec-dang-tacular. Personable, agreeable, positive. The other doctor we had been seeing is also very good, but she's no SST.

Milestones for O this month:


I would like to say that he's rolling over like a pro, but I would first have to be able to say that he's rolling over, and I can't say that. He has done it before, but he's just not doing it now. So... I feel quite certain that, in proving once again that he is not Elsie, in one fell swoop he's going to flip over and crawl over to the coffee table, pull himself up and then cruise around. And then within a couple of days he's going to walk on his own. I just know it. He's saving it up.

He is, however, starting to sit like a pro. He still tips over from time to time, but those muscles are definitely gaining strength.

We *finally* used up all our size 2 diapers. He's probably been too big for them for a month, but I had so many left that I couldn't bear to waste. And just in time for Luvs to change their #3 diaper style to green and purple monkeys. I guess Blues Clues is passe'.

Also, Oscar has started uttering noises. Before he was cooing (and it was oh so cute), but now, sometimes I can't tell if it was O or E who made a funny sound because they sound so similar. He's going to be a talker to. We're doomed Doomed DOOMED!

As for solid foods, Elsie was given solid foods on her six month birthday. I think I'm going to save this first foray until next weekend when we are in B'ham visiting with the love of my life, who has his only weekend pass of his absence to come down that far and no farther.

We're making it here. One week down...not counting the rest.


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Misty said...

Try having three talkers. Cara was a late talker, but she could sign. Then Micah practically broke out into sentences at 13 months and Anna just doesn't stop. I said, really God? all THREE???? :)