Monday, December 1, 2014

December 2014 Debt-free Update -- DAVE!!

I will eventually write the post that I had in mind, the what-I-would-have-said-if-Dave-had-asked-all-his-questions-that-he-usually-asks post.

For now, I will just bore you with some pictures and a little narrative.

We woke up early and left at the same time as the school buses on Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Eli and I both took personal days from work for this.  Once we exited I-65, we were stuck in traffic, headed to the mall for some grub, and when we looked over, hey, there was Financial Peace Plaza!

After lunch at the mall, we drove across the street and entered Dave's lair.  They were just closing out the second hour of the show as we arrived.  The whole lobby is basically Dave's studio and bookstore.

On the break, Dave came out and met us.  We took a picture with him, too.

One of the fun things about our visit was that one of Eli's friends from college, Jeremy, just moved to Nashville with his wife, Amanda.  Amanda works for Dave, so she took the afternoon off and came down to spend time with us and watch us do our debt-free scream.  Jeremy works a few blocks away, so he surprised us and took an hour off of work so that he could come be with us.  He is the photographer for the rest of these pictures.

So, yeah, that was our adventure.  We also got to see a friend of mine from high school, Charlie, who also works for Dave, so that was really neat.   And then we went out to dinner with Jeremy and Amanda and their family, drove to B'ham and stayed with M & S for the night.  All in all, a busy and fantastic day!

If you want to see the video of the scream, here you go.

Until next month, cheers!h

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