Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Lists

Well, summer is quickly coming to a close--I go back to work on Monday and the kids start school on Thursday.  I knew that this summer was going to be a challenge with my two big kids and the new baby.  Also, the kids frequently would ask me to do activities and I would say, "Maybe later," and then forget about it.  So, I gave the kids the opportunity to make a list of things they wanted to accomplish this summer, and they marked things off as we did them.  Here they are at the beginning of the summer, Elsie with wild hair and Oscar with almost no hair:

Here we are accomplishing different tasks:

Oscar's list:  Eat tomatoes.  Here we are after we bought some green tomatoes at the Opelika Downtown Farmer's Market.  We fried them and he ate them.  Yum!  It was a rainy day, and they may have put their shod feet in the fountain at some point.

Elsie's List:  Go to FrogLegs.

Oscar's list:  Go to a splash pad.

Elsie's list:  Paper crafts.

Oscar's List:  Get a pretzel at Target.

Elsie's List: Go to Texas.

Both Elsie's and Oscar's lists:  Go to the beach.

Elsie's List:  Make a strawberry cake.

We had lots of adventures that weren't on our list, too.  Here's a sampling: