Friday, July 25, 2014

Little Artists

At the beginning of the summer, we signed up for some summer activities through Parks and Rec.  This week was I [Heart] Art Camp.  O went in excitedly every day, and was tickled to death that there was another boy with the same name in the class.  E, on the other hand, was true to her summer personality crisis.  After the first day, she told me she wasn't going back.  The second day, she told me she was shy (ha!) and wanted me to hold her hand and walk her in.  The third day she reported, "My teacher made me paint."  The fourth day she informed me that she was just going to sit with me in the lobby, but luckily they had started the day's project the class before, so I said, "Don't you want to know why you painted that paper red all over?"  She did, so she went in.  And then Friday was the Art Show.  O dragged me along so that I could see his work, but we kept having to track down E.  So, here is their work:


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