Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tales of O & E

Overheard after naptime this afternoon:


O:  I'm following you because you're my best. sister. ever.

E:  Leave me alone!

And then, surprisingly, they proceeded to play nicely together.

It's times such as these that I feel blessed to have had them close enough to be real playmates.  I think O-man has benefited the most from this.  We played with a little friend yesterday that is four months younger than O (and while not the only child, his two siblings are teenagers) and the speech difference was strikingly noticeable.  "Oscar come play?" he asked when he wanted to know if we could come back over one day soon.  Oscar would have said something like, "Can he come over to our house to play tomorrow, too?"  In fact, he kept asking afterward if we could go back the same afternoon and play at his house again.  (We've been working on the concept of invitations--we can't go unless we are invited.)

I think Elsie likes to have a partner in crime most of the time, but I think that's because she can blame anything/everything on him.  Also, they get to practice their manners on each other before we send them out into the world.  They're fighting over something, and we get to remind them that we haven't heard either of them ask nicely.  Usually, they stop, change their tone, and ask in a nice way.  Oscar will almost always relent once Elsie uses a nice tone.  Elsie, on the other hand, loves to frustrate Oscar and tell him no, which causes more tears.  She will, usually, eventually, give in, but not always.  We definitely have a stubborn girl on our hands, a real drama mama.  :)

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