Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust: Debt Update, October 2013

Well, folks, it doesn't seem like such a big feat, but at the same time it does. We just finished our THIRD debt thermometer!! That means we have paid $30,000 toward our debt since October 2011 (including interest and principal). It has been two years since we started this insanity to get the rest of our debt paid off. Now, we are 60% of the way through our second half of debt, and 80% through our overall goal! Now, that's something to get excited about! Our original total was around $105,000 in February 2008, and now our debt load is down to just over $23,000. In one year, since October 2012, we have paid off $12,362--less than the year before, but still steadily forward.
Third 10K Chunk, started 1/1/13, FINISHED 9/23/2013!
fundraising ideas Fundraising Thermometer
I still would LOVE to be out of this debt before Elsie starts kindergarten next year, but I might have to settle for first grade. There's a lot of things that coming with a growing family -- a bigger car (just sold Eli's Subaru and are looking to get a truck for hunting/gardening season and a minivan by summer) since compact cars just aren't going to cut it anymore. The kids are going to have to vacate the toddler beds in the "nursery" (Elsie is getting TALL) and will make a move to bunk beds in the spare room at Christmas--we're using Christmas savings to do this, but are shopping around now to find the best deal on low bunkbeds and bunkie boards. We also are in dire need of a new bed for us, so some funds will be diverted to that. Anywho, that's where we stand right now! Just wanted to share! And I promise that I will post a few kiddo updates soon!

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Great Job! So exciting!