Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Saturday Craft and a Day at the Farm

I've been going through baby clothes and I found a pair of overalls that drove me crazy when Elsie was little, probably would now, too, if they fit her.  The snaps inside the legs would never stay snapped, so anytime I put her in them, she would wind up with her diaper hanging out the bottom.

When I came across them again, I decided to make them into something else, something she can wear now, even though the pants part is (was) 18-month size.  First, I cut off the legs, i.e. the snaps that don't work.

Then I found a scrap of fabric left over from Elsie's 2-year cowgirl birthday dress.

I cut as much of a rectangle as I could from it.  Then I ironed the rectangle.  Then I pressed it in half to create a crease where I could cut it in two later.  I pressed in a finished rolled hem (my mom would be so proud).  Finally, I cut the rectangle into two rectangles.

Each of the two rectangles is about twice as long as the width of the denim overalls, give or take.  I didn't show the next part, but, right sides together, I stitched the ends of the two strips together, making one large circle of fabric, then pressed the seams open.  I pinned the seams to the side seams of the overalls, right sides togeher, raw edges together.  And with some time and energy, I pleated and pinned.  And then I pressed the pleats in, and then sewed the two pieces together.


As kind of an afterthought, I took a piece of the pattern from a scrap piece of fabric and zig-zag stiched it at the top of the back.

Sorry the pictures of the finished garment aren't so great.  I actually had a reason to make an overall dress.  Our little friend was having a 3rd birthday party with a farm theme.  It was held at a local farm that had lots of farm animals, a hayride, and of course, food.  One of the party favors was a farmer hat.  Elsie loved hers. Oscar wanted nothing to do with his.

Above and below:  Evidence they're my children.  Nothing dainty about them.

Above:   Wonder what's in there?

Below:  I ain't afraid of no goats.

(Okay, so it was a pig, but you're singing the Ghostbusters theme now, aren't you?)

Above:  Wook, Mama!  Sheep!

Below:  I touched it! Ewww!

Above:  Elsie thought she wanted to take a pony ride, but then quickly changed her mind.

Below:  Wook, mama!  Stick!

All in all, it was a great day spent with my two favorite children.  :)



Stacey Greenawalt King said...

Looks like such fun! Love and miss youse guys! (Literally LOLed at the Goatsbusters, and am humming the theme)

Scott and Jill Clair Gentry said...

If I was Elsie, I'd demand to wear that every day. So cute!