Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hello, November..

Yup. It's November 2. And I've decided not to participate in NaBloPoMo no mo. At least not this year. I have a ton of other things going on that take precedence. You know, like survival. This is a busy month where we are going to travel at least 3 of the five weekends. One of them I'm headed to Phoenix to see DJ, another we're headed to Tuscaloosa to take Elsie to her first Bama game day experience (and maybe game?) and then we're heading to the ol' motherland for Thanksgiving, planning to see my sister in a musical (I'm jealous) and possibly go to the Baylor game at Jerry World. Ah, we'll see.

I do have a special project I will be working on this month. More on that to come, but first I wanted to update you on how our debt thermometer is looking:

First 10K Chunk, started 10/1/11, paid off as of 11/1/11
fundraising ideas
Fundraising Thermometer

After this month is over, we should aaaaaaalmost be halfway there. And then things will slow down considerably. We did have a yard sale, so that's fun. Didn't make too much, a little over $100. Our yard sale philosophies were a little different (Eli: get rid of stuff, Me: make money to pay off debt), so the next time we do it, we probably need to meet in the middle. Oh, well.

My projects for this month, about which I will write more in depth later, are:

1. Complete our Legacy Drawer (a la Dave Ramsey)
2. Complete the Holiday Control Journal (a la FlyLady)
3. Complete the Regular Control Journal (also FlyLady).

One and two are my priorities...