Friday, October 28, 2011

In over my head

So, I've failed at blogging for the last...2 months? I'm still not going to succeed too much tonight, except to tell you all that we are busy. Too busy. Whenever we drop an activity to salvage some sanity (goodbye Kaplan, being greeters at church, working the nursery), another one creeps into its place (hello kickball, Coast Guard, eLearning classes, church dinners, small group, church committees, worship team). No, really--did anyone else notice that we dropped three activities and replaced them with..SEVEN? It's a sickness.

Eli's work schedule has been hectic with trials and dockets, etc. My schedule has been exhausting, and I'm still not getting everything done that I need and want to get done, including updating the blog. Unfortunately, this season of life is not soon to pass, and our internet is not soon to get faster, thus uploading photos takes forever.

I do have a phone again (thanks, Mom). But I'm having to rebuild everything from my SIM card that was stolen. So, I probably don't have your number anymore. :( Five years on that SIM card. Five years. If you're reading this and you have my e-mail address, I probably had your number in my phone. Can't hurt to send me an e-mail and give me your digits again, right?

So, what's been happening in my otherwise-charmed life?

I went to the dentist. I have three cavities that need to be filled early December. The dentist and hygienist made a joke of me (not about the cavities, about my response to if I floss--yes, but I ran out and haven't replaced it because it's not in the budget this month) and wouldn't let it go. But I did get an extra free sample spool of dental floss and was told that when I run out I can come back and they'll give me more. Thanks. I'm never eating sugar anything again. And I might switch dentists.

A friend from church came up to me while I was holding Oscar and touched my belly and asked, "Another one in the oven?" No, just fat. And then she started talking to me about belly fat and recommending some books. I'm never eating carbs again. (She's a nurse, so I'm not that offended. To her credit, I do stand with my hips pushed forward as my natural posture, and for some reason, it's exaggerated when I'm holding a baby on my hip. Oh, and I have belly fat.)

Oscar ran into the table at daycare and has a shiner. It's an O around his eye. Just like in the movies. Who knew?

Elsie has been a two-year-old, but believe it or not, it has improved as she's made it further into her third year on the planet. More words and communication mean fewer tantrums. More sass, but fewer tantrums. I'll take what I can get.

On the flip side, O is all about the instant gratification. And when he isn't instantly gratified, our eardrums border on rupturing from his pathetic screams of injustice. It's a put-on, because once he gets what he wants, he gives this little half laugh ("heh heh"). But I sure hope this phase passes soon, because it's just not cute. I also noticed tonight that he looked at me when Elsie pushed him, waiting to see if I noticed (I did), and then he started his crying, looking right at me and conjuring enormous crocodile tears. Ugh. Toughen up, kid. Welcome to your life as a little brother to Hurricane E.

So, yeah. We're here. Keep us in your prayers. :)



Craig-Jen said...

um, eat the carbs. Those no carb diets are sooooo bad for you (I know because I was the fitness guru for my squadron and did TONS of research on them because people asked). Long of the short is that no carbs = killed brain cells, among other things like bad triglyceride levels, etc. Seriously. Anyway, I've seen you and I think you look great. Bodies change after babies!

I've missed your blogging and I assume you're not going to beat yourself up over the NoPoLoNoVlo thingy (I obviously don't know what it truly is...hehe.)

Stay sane!

Stacey L King said...

High fiber (good carbs), high protein. Love you!

Beaver said...

Okay, I may have been a little melodramatic on the carbs thing. Because I love carbs. All my favorite foods are carbs. And dairy. And sugar. Ooooh. I'm hungry...